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I just wanted to take a moment to thank Elia for all the patience and support that he showed me while Chris and I were on our first official BC fishing trip.  Most certainly our first drift boat experience ever.  I thought I had a little knowledge of fly fishing; I quickly learned I didn't but now feel like I could almost go to one of our many Nova Scotia rivers and not only raise but land "the big one" because of the lessons, patience and knowledge that Elia had shown me. Now one of my new goals is go practice so much that when I go back, I am able to land one of those fishies that I was only able to raise but, in my excitement, couldn't land. I most certainly don't mind, though, solely because Elia was making this a fun event. The excitement he showed Chris when he landed "the big one" was a true WOW experience.  I strongly would like to encourage those ladies out there that think like me (who also loves photography) that think, "well, I'll tag along to take pictures of the event and the scenery") Don't.  Allow Elia to teach you a thing or two about fly fishing and give it a try. You won't be disappointed. Our lunch was so delicious with so much fresh and juicy fruit. We had many laughs through our lunch and then got back to business.  


If you are thinking you might like to try this, please just give it a go. The rivers are beautiful, the scenery, beyond words and the company even better.


Thank you for the memory that we will cherish for a lifetime.  We cannot wait to go back and fish with you again.  Elia, we both now consider you a cherished friend.


With the most sincerity and blessed to have met you.


Janet and Chris Horwich.

I had a  fantastic day fishing with Guide Elia , Man  this guy knows his stuff as well  makes a mean Roast Beef Sandwich. I learnt more in the 4 hours with Elia than all the courses combined ( and there were many) that I have taken. Elia showed me how to tie a fly to the line, proper way to cast, where the fish are and how to catch them. We caught 12 fish. I will book Elia next year when we go to Clearwater, I can’t say enough about Elia. See you next year Elia and remember Tip Down.

Grant Rigsby

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